Iaido: ancient yet fresh

What you will feel in Iaido training is that Iaido is new and fresh.
The doctrines that our predecessors taught through the martial art called Iaido have many ways to use the body that are different to sports.
You will surely be able to discover the potential abilities hidden within you.

What is Iaido

Spending valuable time

What is IaidoLearning an ancient Japanese martial art is not something special. This is because even if what you are learning is ancient, Isoukai's methods of tradition are exceedingly liberal.
There are currently people from middle school students to 70-year-olds participating in Iaido training, and their objectives are diverse, such as those who continue it for health purposes, and those who are trying to learn about Japanese culture through Iaido, and so on.
And fellow members train diligently with each respective objective, and believe that the days in which they learn from each other through mutual respect are a very valuable time.

Iaido training can be done by anyone

What is IaidoWith Iaido training you will learn logical ways to use your body, and through that process both your mind and body will be disciplined. The purpose of training is not to compete over whether you are strong or weak. Those who have large bodies and those who do not, men and women, and young and older people alike will be equal in their self-improvement through Iaido.

Time facing yourself
With Iaido training, you will start by first of all throwing away your own ways. You will throw away your prejudices and your obstinacy. What is necessary for Iaido training is not stamina or reflexes, but an approach of frankly facing yourself who is unable to do anything. Doing the correct training, even if it is clumsily, will go much further toward improving your skills.

For the sake of a healthy everyday
What you will first learn in Iaido training is your correct central posture. Just with this, you will reduce the burden on your back, invigorate your metabolism, and resolve your stiff shoulders. Also, Isoukai is proud of the fact that since our inception, although there have been grazes for which we are grateful for band-aids, we have had zero injuries.
And with Iaido even damage to the elbows and wrists which can easily occur will be fine so long as you practice the correct training. When practising ancient Japanese martial arts such a Iaido and Kenjytu, the appeal will increase in accordance with your training. If you're going to go to the effort of learning, then it is important to continue training for a long time.For that reason, we strive for character building and advancement of ability in our leaders, and aim to create an environment where members can learn Iaido enjoyably.

Inspection tour of Iaido & Kenjyutu training
It is possible to come and inspect Iaido training so as to get to know Isoukai's coaching details, the environment of our training facilities, the atmosphere of the association, and so on. Isoukai is centrally active in Tokyo, and the training facilities allow training to be done in an agreeable, fully air-conditioned environment.

Beginner training
Courses in the ways of Iaido for beginners are organized four times a month. These offer thorough training in the basics of Iaido, such as how to wear hakama pants, etiquette, and standard movements.

What is Iaido

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