about Isoukai

Name :
Representative :
Kouga Sekido
Address :
3-10-1-2207 Iidabashi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 102-0072
Telephone :
 e-mail :
Registratio :
10:00~18:00 of a weekday
Please ask Sunday and the public holiday by e-mail.

Isoukai's operation

Isoukai is a non-profit general incorporated association active primarily in Tokyo, and is an organization whose objective is supporting lifelong learning activities. The purpose of these activities is to nurture the health of the minds and bodies of our members through Iaido and Kenjytu training, and through that strive for the popularization of ancient Japanese martial arts.

  • Isokai is an organization which supports lifelong learning activities.
  • sokai is not an organization which aims at profits.
  • Iisokai is an organization which studies mugairyu and an old martial art.
  • Isokai is to promote the health of soul and the body.

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Practice content


Isokai mainly practices Mugairyu. Gettan Tuji founder made mugairyu 400 years ago.


Exercise performs instruction according to physical strength or age. We desire to understand the charm of Iaido to many people.



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